DMS Polling and Security

DMS Polling and Security

DMS Polling allows dealership personnel more time to concentrate on selling and less time maintaining internet inventory. Working in conjunction with  your DMS system; DMS Polling processes daily inventory reports to maintain your internet inventory.  AutoBase provides the security and compliance you need to properly protect your DMS data.


DMS Polling and Security capabilities:

• Secure FTP protocol for total control and security of your DMS data.
• Compliance with NADA security guidelines.
• Polling updates performed 7 days a week - 365 days a year
• Sold vehicles automatically pulled from database and your internet inventory into a sold database
• Sold vehicle information and pictures maintained in sold database for 90 days
• Can mark vehicles as SOLD on your vehicle list page and maintain internet listing for any period
• Automated pricing interface and updates
• Perform automatic price reduction on aging units according to dealer set criteria
• Automated vehicle description, options, and accessories interface and updates
• Automatically informs web site providers, vehicle history providers, and major advertising providers of changes

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